The Criminal Justice System Works Essay

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A prosecutor’s job is to search for the truth, to get the judge and jury to favor in the right direction for a defendant whether guilty or innocent and truth is supposed to triumph. However, this is not how the criminal justice system works when speaking of the minority. Innocent individuals are being charged for crimes they did not commit and are being interrogated and threated to except all blame for crimes. Prosecutors bully defendants into pleading guilty and accepting plea-bargains. These prosecutors believe in playing with defendants’ incompetence, so they focus on their lack of knowledge to get the case closed and someone locked down. Prosecutors are fully aware that most of their defendants are not well educated and nine times out of ten are part of the poor minority, which means they cannot afford proper representation. Then, they intimidate the defendant into plea bargains, by throwing around those dreaded words “possible life sentence if this case goes to trial.” Alexander said, “ When prosecutors “offer” three years in prison when the penalties defendants could receive if they took their case to trial would be five, ten, twenty years—or life imprisonment—only extremely courageous(or foolish) defendants turn the offer down.” (Alexander ,87) What is that to say for the innocent defendants who are sitting there listening to the prosecutors throw possible prison time at them for a crime he or she did not commit? Therefore, once the prosecutor smells the fear in…

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