Criminal Justice System Summary And Analysis

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Richmond, California has a unique strategy on dealing with crime, it pays the criminals not to recommit. This may seem irrational at first but with the community’s support the Office of Neighborhood Safety or ONS was founded. The City has seen a 66% reduction in gun related crime and a 20% in crime overall since the founding (Murphey). The ONS is seen as serving a pivotal role in this reduction. The program has a number of criticisms and among them are the possible encouragement to commit crime, the money that goes to finance the program and selection process for participants? The ONS has had setbacks and will continue to have problems but makes a positive impact on the community. Chief among the critics are Courtland "Corky" Boozé, who …show more content…
This American Life. 24 April 2015. Web. 1 Sept. 2015

Summaries & Evaluations
“ To Stop Crime Hand over Cash” introduces the programs of the ONS as the last hope for a desperate city. The costs are minimal compared to the costs of police support and costs of housing inmates. Success doesn’t come easy to these men but it can happen.
The article is wrote by the director of the program and is biased towards that. It shares good hard data and success stories that strengthen its points.
“The Controversial Method That Turned One of America’s Most Murderous Cities into One of Its Safest” by McCoy compares the violence in Baltimore to that of Richmond. The death tolls in both cities rise higher and higher until something is done. There is a lot mistakes have been made and maybe more can be done by learning from it.
Many of the problems with the program are discussed in this article. The flaws of it are laid out in a clear manner that was not present in any other
“Life Is Cheap” by Tim Murphy looks at the ONS based on its human elements. The staff believe in the cause and it supporters are passionate about it. The team of agents of change operate on a very personal level with the
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It breaks down how everyone supports or dislikes the program in very personal ways.
City Government at Work: Keeping Young Men Alive & Free” was a presentation by the ONS explaining how it operates. Quotes from strong sources are used to show the impact the program brings.
Quotes from police officers back up the strength of this presentation as it seeks to both inform and convince people of its position. Its value isn’t so much in its data but as a source for how the ONS portrays itself. “555: The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind” was a podcast by This America Life which functions as part of National Public Radio. A reporter was on scene and spoke with agents of the program and a participant. Both offered hope but warned it was a struggle.
This was the original source that inspire the discussion of the topic. The audio format of the sources carries the data in such a way it resonates stronger than other sources. With interviews of people on the street and not just people talking about it, it show credibility among the

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