Essay on The Criminal Justice System Act

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I believe the criminal justice system to be complex. Complex meaning there are different rules and regulations that can put freedoms at risk. Freedoms and equalities set by the documents that regulate our country and justice system. Are we getting those freedoms? Are we upholding the documents of our country and doing what is right? Or are there too many controversies to know. To know if we are doing the right thing in punishing criminals and going about procedures.
I feel there is too many aspects to say if we are doing this right. We all have our own opinions and who is to say what is right or not? The documents that make up our country don’t say exactly how to run the criminal justice system. They only set the guidelines to how we should run things. The rest is up to us as a people. But I believe there is something corrupt about how our criminal justice system works.
You always hear about how corrupt the system is, but what leads us to believe this? One thing that makes me feel there is a problem is that I have heard about how police can be criminals themselves. Not everyone is perfect but police are the ones who start the process of catching criminals. I don’t get how we trust these people when we don’t know someone 's true intentions. So who do we trust in the system. How do we know people are doing everything they can to the best of their abilities. How are we supposed to trust their discretion when they could be the criminals they are out to get. Is this when is…

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