The Third Reich: Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against humanity are acts towards a population that damages to hurt the population in a whole. A tremendous act against humanity was the extermination that the Nazis planned against the Jewish population in Europe. These actd started with the rise of one man, Adolf Hitler. World War one ended with the Treaty of Versailles which set the environment up for Hitler in the Nazis to rise. The Third Reich guided the social crime against the Jewish people and use excuses such as racial laws for the violent acts that led to the tragic loss of World War two.
A person cannot be born evil or good. The thought of a child develops when they grow. Good and evil are shaped by environment or by nature a persons in.Hitler 's psych evaluation was done
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He believed that this race is what makes earth what it is today, that it makes masters. Hitler said Aryan race are “culture-founders” and give the knowledge to well intelligent men to make their mind smart enough to rise to a higher power such as masters to other human beings. Without the Aryan race earth would be nothing. The Aryans were the development of human culture. Hitler believed that “Japan adds European techniques to her culture” (). Hitler call Japanese “culture-bearing” instead of “culture-creating” because Japan 's work is” the enormous scientific and technical work of Europe in America, that is, of the Aryan peoples” (). The reason why cultural progress was necessarily aggressive in Hitler 's perspective was because he believed that cultural progress was a ladder and “one cannot arrive at the top without first having to take the lower steps” (). Hitler used to lower races to originate a ladder where the Aryan race “subdued them and made them subjects to his will. They, then, were the first technical instrument in the service of growing culture” (). Hitler use his military as a way to collect people and use them as property and objects to push the Aryan culture further up the

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