The Crew Of The Gettysburg Essays

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The crew of the Gettysburg was given a week leave to go and do what they wanted for some well-deserved R&R. None of them had been home or any place else for that matter since they were recruited into the program. Even the NASA portion of the crew, where some of them had families and they were station near Kennedy hadn’t seen them in what seemed like ages. The only criteria they had was that they were to remain in the United States, they were celebrities now, even if they didn’t want to be, people were following the ships and crews every move. The PJ’s were a tight bunch, most were without families, Major Wakowski headed home to his wife Ashley. They had no children only because of medical issues with Ashley, when the Major left for Afghanistan and subsequently the Gettysburg mission, they were in the process of adopting a little girl, she was three years old, curly blonde hair and her name was Sydney Joy. About, three months into the Gettysburg mission the adoption was final, they had a little girl, Sydney Joy Wakowski. Having Sydney there with Ashley helped with her loneliness while her husband Steve was away on business as she liked to call it. Steve, Major Wakowski, was on his way home and excited to see his knew daughter, and of course Ashley. He had only been with Sydney for a month prior to his deployment to Afghanistan, it was tough to leave them both, he had never felt anything pull so hard on his heart. Senior Master Sergeant Charles Smith was returning…

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