The Creation Of The Nation State Essay

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This essay will analyze how the creation of the nation-state systemically marginalizes indigenous women because of their race, class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality. I will briefly define the concept of spatial segregation to understand how it relates to the film Finding Dawn and the book Ravensong. The nation-state facilitates violence towards indigenous communities through their laws, social practices, and institutional policies. Moreover, aboriginal women are highly vulnerable to male violence because of how patriarchal powers define their identities. Sherene H. Razack “gender racial violence and spatialized justice: The murder of Pamela George” argues that the birth of the term “spatial segregations” came to life during the creation of Canadian nation-state. At the beginning when Canada was being established; the government used citizenship status to decide who was civilized and uncivilized. In this case Aboriginal communities were segregated and placed in different geographical areas as they were not considered full citizens because they were viewed as barbaric and hypersexual. For instance, white Canadians knew they were respectable and civilized people. White men settled as authority and white women as boundary of civilization, and native women as sexualized and dehumanize “Other” (129). However, Razack states that in 1885 Canadian government distributed ID to indigenous people to move from the reserves to city. Nevertheless, native women’s access to urban areas…

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