The Crash Of The Plane Crash Essay

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It was a beautiful day, the sky has never been so blue before. It was a great morning. Until around 8:00 A.M. came around. A news update came on right away. They were saying the 4 pilots on flight 173 and 93, 11, were attacked by terrorists. The terrorists were heading for the twin towers in New York City. They then took over the planes and held everyone hostage. Families would do anything to be able to talk to their loved ones that were in the plane crash. The passengers fought back on one plane, and the plane fell from the sky going straight towards the Pentagon but ended up in the field behind it. As for the other planes, flight 11 was from Boston departing to New York City to hit the Twin Towers. Or make a scare. They went after the towers of all things because those towers mean the world to Americans. At 8:46 flight 11 had crashed into the North tower going 560 mph. After this happened everyone thought it was only an accident but just moments later another news update came on. This time they said flight 11 was crashed in the North Tower, some news reporters even got a video of the plane crashing into it. Just moments later Flight 175 was sent to hit the South tower. The plane was approxmentally going 590 mph. Just a few seconds later the news reporters had their video cameras out and ready to take action. Both Towers fell straight down just a few seconds apart. Firefighters rushed to rescue victims. It’s believed their used to be a 3rd tower that stood between the…

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