Essay on The Court System Of Ireland

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The court system in Ireland is fairly similar to that of the United States. The 1922 Constitution enabled new courts to be formed and the Courts of Justice Act in 1924 gave them legal basis (The Courts, 2016). Ireland’s current courts were set up by the Courts Act of 1961 and include “a court of final appeal (the Supreme Court), a Court of Appeal, and courts of first instance, which include a High Court with full jurisdiction in all criminal and civil matters, and courts of limited jurisdiction, the Circuit Court and the District Court” (The Courts, 2016). The Supreme Court or court of final appeal is composed of the Chief Justice of Ireland and nine normal judges along with the presidents of the Court of Appeal and High Court (Supreme Court, 2014). The level of precedence among these judges is as followed: Chief Justice with most precedence, President of the Court of Appeals with the second most, the President of the High Court coming in third, former Chief Justices by appointment forth, then other judges by appointment (Supreme Court, 2014). At any one time the court has three or five active sitting judges on occasion seven may be seated and decisions made by majority vote and made publicly available (Supreme Court, 2014). Irelands Supreme Court has the final interpretation of the Constitution of Ireland after being passed through the High Court (Supreme Court, 2016). The Court of Appeal lies between the High Court and the Supreme Court and is composed of a president and…

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