The Course Of The Educational Leadership Program Essay

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For EDA 6503 The Principalship, the final course of the Educational Leadership program, I worked closely with Patricia Carson, principal at Mandarin Oaks Elementary School in Jacksonville, FL, to complete my practicum experiences. Ms. Carson has been a school principal for 22 years and the principal of Mandarin Oaks for the last 14 years. According to Ms. Carson, the job of a principal has changed immensely in the last 10 years, and it is more important than ever to keep up with current research-based instructional delivery and teaching strategies. Ms. Carson allowed me to participate in a variety of activities that shed light on the various roles and duties of a principal. Based on the data from the EDG 6285 data project, the major focus for this school year is to increase student achievement in reading and work to close the reading gaps with the bottom quartile students. Using the data obtained, creating the 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan (SIP) was the main project for Practicum A. After presenting the PowerPoint data project from EDA 6285, Ms. Carson asked that I take the information presented along with the recommendation for next steps and put it into action this year. From the last 4 years of reading data, the trend showed a decline in the statewide assessment reading scores for our bottom quartile students. To dig deeper and find the root cause of the problem, I pulled the 2016 FSA Reading scores for our 3rd and 4th grade students and ranked them from…

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