Essay on The Course Afas 160 D1 Is My First Online Class

958 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The course AFAS 160 D1 is my first online class, and until now I still felt lucky to choose this class as one of my general education classes, because it gave me a great opportunity and an eye-opening experience about learning the African American Culture which I have never learned before and also gave me a chance to learn online.
Describing this course to someone else, I would say this class is interesting and if you want to learn this class well, you need to prepare the Voice Thread and read the book carefully. To be honest, making videos on Voice Thread gave me a unique experience. I still remembered the first time I made a video on Voice Thread how nervous I was, I was afraid to have different ideas with other students and worried if they disagreed with me what should I do? But later I realized it was good to have different ideas, from different ideas we can discuss to each other and this is a good way to help us think deeply and understand the characters and plot better. What’s more, in the process of listening what other students said, we became a good listener and learned how to respect different voice, so it was meaningful to use the Voice Thread.
The second part of this class which left a deep impression on me and I also want to tell others that are the Live Broadcast Sessions. I have appreciated the Dr. Bryan Carter doing this for us because the live session can gather students together and from the live session, we could have a specific understanding of our…

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