The Cost Of Saving Lives Essay

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The Cost of Saving Lives
Medical devices are the reason many people are still alive today. Medical devices costs thousands to purchase and hundreds per month to use and maintain. Diabetics along with many others use medical technology multiple times a day. Why is it so overpriced if it is a necessity? Medical devices are a necessity to life, costly and people who are on a tight budget have no access to it. People are sick. People are in pain. People will die without this technology. Medical devices are overpriced.
There are many people with diseases that depend on medical devices to stay alive and attain the best quality of life possible. Type 1 Diabetics use a wide range of medical products that keep them healthy. On a daily basis a diabetic will use a meter, a small handheld device that creates a chemical reaction with the sugar in blood and chemicals on the meter’s test strip. An electrical current then flows through the blood and chemicals measuring the amount of glucose in the blood sample. The meter then converts it into a number that diabetics then use administer insulin. When eating, a diabetic must give himself insulin using either a pen or a pump. A pen is a device that makes giving injections easier. It lasts a month after opening and only requires one time use needles. A pump is a device that does not use injection but delivers insulin using a site and tubing. Usually, it lasts for four years because after four year insurance will then cover a new pump. In order…

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