The Cost Of Milk Had Risen Essay

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Student Loans “If the cost of milk had risen as fast as the cost of college since 1980, a gallon would be $15,” pointed out congressman Peter Welch in a discussion with senator Charles E. Grassley concerning their attempts to have universities justify tax exemptions by spending a regulated increased amount of their endowment money (Lewin, “College Presidents”). While the well-intentioned Vermont representative’s critique on higher education emphasizes one of the most prevalent issues recent young adults face today, the ever-increasing price of a college education and the debt that comes with student loans, he misunderstands the importance and rationales of the hefty price tag for post-secondary school and the weight of student loans. The financial cost of college and the emotional cost of student loan related debts not only substantially develop the individual who endures these perturbations but also the society that houses the individual. The basis for perpetually proliferating tuition fees include accommodating for constant technological advancements, outfitting students with more than enough additional assistance to control dropout rates, and simple case of supply and demand. Although student loans and student debt overtax middle-class American students’ anxiety levels, without the aid of these loans, millions would never secure an opportunity to graduate college which expedites the process of finding a career that will polish men and women into productive members of the…

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