The Correlation Between Management And Leadership Essay

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One of the major discussions in today’s world is centred on the correlation between management and leadership. There are people who talk about the two systems as interchangeable, while many believe the two are inherently different ways of operating. In this guide, we’ll explore the topic and outline some of the key differences between the two. We’ll look at the definitions and the qualities it takes to be a leader or a manager. We’ll then present you with the three key areas where the two diverge: outlining the mission, achieving objectives and taking risks, and treating the subordinates.

1 The definition of management

To understand the differences between leadership and management it’s essential to examine the definition of the practices. The Oxford Dictionary defines management as, “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people”. The practice is generally linked with words such as directing, controlling, organising and planning. The objective of management is to ensure the specific group of people moves in harmony towards the established goals. Under management, the goals are set out and the processes to achieve them are identified by the management. The goal is to achieve these objectives as efficiently as possible.
In a Guardian article, John Kotter, professor of leadership at Harvard University, defined the essence of management as, “a set of processes that keep an organisation functioning.” Management deals with many day-to-day activities that can even…

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