Reasons For The Reign Of Terror DBQ

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The French Revolution was a period of pure chaos shortly after the American Revolution. The French revolution started for multiple reasons. Under the rule of King Louis XIV, there was drought, overpopulation, bread wars, overspending, and immense debt from the American Revolution. The people suffering from all of these factors only wanted one thing: a republican form of government. King Louis failed to fulfill this request, and was taken out of power. When this occurs, the lack of power and control opens a window of time in which the citizens of Europe could fight for what they want. Thus causing the Reign of Terror. Mass amounts of death occurred, leaving every man to fight for themselves. The Reign of Terror was justified in sense that it …show more content…
One of these methods is expressed in Document D. In this Document the conflict is that there is crowd gathering outside, and more counter revolutionary activity has been proven. While all of this is going on there are Prussians invading in the north. The source is a letter from Vendee, from a local government official asking for more help. The method put in place was the draft. The draft was easily put in place because local governments were now given the final say. They are limiting the peasants rights, and giving them no right to appeal. By limiting their rights, they are able to control the mobs rioting outside. In order to limit their rights however, they need suspicion of counterrevolutionary activities. They further limit these rights in Document E, by taking away the idea of suspicion. They denied lawyers, and were basically allowed to kill people just to kill them. They used the guillotine to carry out the execution. The guillotine itself was an enlightened killing method, able to kill everyone in the same way. By using this machine, they killed 35,000 - 40,000 people they may or may not be suspected of being traitors. Of these 35,000 - 40,000 people, one of them was King Louis XIV. King Louis death is explored in Document F. In this Document 2 methods are used. They kill the king by using the Guillotine. Once he was killed two things happened: cries of joy and laugher filled the street, and a republican government was put in place. King louis death was planned, because in order to start the republic, the monarchy needed to end. The methods in this Document are both replacement and death. The methods above were used in order to defeat outside threats and replace the government in order to get France on the track to stable living. From these methods, can ideals constructed by the

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