The Controversy Of The Debate Of Cloning Essay

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The outrage over the subject of cloning is similar to the aftermath of any previous controversial scientific revolution. Evolution, the heliocentric solar system, the fossil record, and many more have made quite an impact in the religious and scientific communities. In almost all of these cases western religion takes the most offense, claiming that cloning animals is 'playing God '. However in the case of reproductive cloning Eastern religions have a different opinion and view. Buddhist and Hindus believe that it is karma and that people are reincarnated as their previous lives dictated. (NY TIMES) The argument that God is against cloning assumes that when the scientist created the embryo and the animal is born that God has no part in its creation. It also assumes that everyone has the same religion and that a culture 's religious values should apply to the world. The appearance of free will is also questioned as some people believe that clones would not be able to make their own decisions and have a unique life. For humans the idea of being created in God 's image is a large issue because the clone would be created in the image of the parent and would not have unique attributes. Cloning should not be considered unethical and wrong on the basis of a religious group.
Another large objection is the potential for consequences to cloning, most of these consequences are based on rash emotional decisions on the side of fear. Things such as an ‘army’ of clones or enslavement…

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