Arguments Against Cloning

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Chiyane Peterson The Internet of Philosophy is a website that contains, a series of articles listed with sufficient amounts of information under every letter in the alphabet. The articles go all the way from different philosophers to philosophy topics spoken about over the years. Each article covers an abundance of information on the philosopher or the topic. For example, a topic written on the website is an article about cloning. Cloning is a very popular topic that has been in many discussions over the years, it dates way back to the 1800’s.The article on cloning goes into depth about the history, types and arguments between for cloning and against cloning as well.
First, the article talks about the history of cloning with mammals. In
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The positive arguments to cloning are having a genetically related child, cloning and savior siblings, cloning to replace a “deceased” child and the loss of therapeutic cloning through SCNT. For couples who are unable to procreate through contraception, would enjoy the chance to be able to clone to have a genetically related child. It can be an idea for if the mother, father or even both are unable to procreate to have a child. Including if a single mother or homosexual couple wanted to have a child they would be able to. Cloning and Savior Siblings is an argument that is not fairly new to conceive another child to use the organs or bodily fluids to save an older child from illness or death. The new piece about it is cloning the child to have be genetically identical, if cloning is permitted then there would be more useful means to creating a savior sibling. Even though, having a new child is highly respected; the means of removing anything from the body is under their contsent. Cloning to replace a “deceased” child argument came from a grieving parent, whom 11 month year old son passed away after having heart surgery. In the argument it is stated that “Even If It Worked, Cloning Won’t Bring Her Back”, even if that is the case it is said that it would be able to help grieving parents for the child they once had then lost. It could be categorized as morally …show more content…
These arguments follow such as the right to an open future, the right to a unique genetic identity, cloning is wrong because it 's “playing God” or “unnatural”, the dangers of cloning, cloning entailing or changing children into designer children or commodities, and cloning and uncertainty of familial roles. The right to an open future and unique genetic identity fairly go hand in hand, this is because both involve the children losing a sense of themselves and not feeling that they will have entitlement to their own lives. An open future involves them expected to be exactly like the other child, then that child would be deprived of his or her future as their own self. A unique identity is the pure fact that every human is born with uniqueness and dignity; if there is an exact replica of a person with the same genetic identity then that will take away from his or her uniqueness as a child. Cloning is wrong because it’s “playing God” or “unnatural” argument is from being stated that it is morally wrong because it oversteps the boundaries that are set either by God or nature. If it is not a procreation of something naturally made then it is an infraction. The dangers of cloning is a fear that the cloned child would suffer from genetic defects or result in a high number of defective embryos before one healthy one is developed. Even Dolly’s creator turned down human

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