The Controversy Of Quarterback Cazzo Essay

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Just before unlashing another load into a willing ass. Sometimes the asses were virgin, but they still begged to be fucked. Quarterback Cazzo was privately becoming known for his bleacher sexual antics.

Tony grinned at the idea of these deflowered jock asses leaking his cum during their journeys home. And, the season was in full swing.

In Tony 's mind, today he was going to have his way with Coach.

Finally alone at last, Tony thought, while the last two teammates passed their Coach unaware of his tenting shorts, as they hollered for everyone to wait-up for them to get ready, cuz it’s Friday night!

Days ago on Monday morning, Tony Cazzo waited unflinchingly for his Father outside the Board Members’ conference room with a ruse excuse of needing his immediate attention on some urgent family matter.

Joey 's son had overheard the heated debate about whether or not to terminate Coach Drew Sullivan for inappropriate behavior, not befitting of a teach, nor a coach of St Thomas Academy from behind the Boardroom doors.

As the votes came in, Coach Drew Sullivan had retained his post. And Drew’s former father-in-law to be, Philip Reardon, preached this verdict a slippery slope as Reardon stated he would keep a watchful eye on Sullivan, himself! Good day, then.

Now, Drew began removing his tracksuit top, while being captivated at Tony’s lathering session. Cazzo’s dick began to swell and start its upwardly curve towards his navel. Tony next soaped-up his pecs and then his armpits,…

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