Analysis Of The Dream Deferred By Edward Jones

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The article The Dream Deferred by Edward Jones states that in recent generations from the 1970's-80's are when equal opportunity laws have allowed blacks in very large numbers to come into corporate management positions. The article shows to highlight how the mass move of African Americans to positions of some power in various companies is perceived by magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. During this time in history little information exists about minority participation in the top rungs of America's largest companies. Fast forwarding to present-time, this is still an issue in the black community. While there has been great progress, still to this day African Americans in managerial positions or positions of …show more content…
Detailed in his 1963 speech given at the University of California, Berkeley. He believed in "Racial Separatism" as the best approach to the problems facing black America. (X) In the speech Malcolm X touches a wide variety of problems the black community faces during those times. Many of the issues listed in his speech seem to be recurring issues in our communities. Malcolm X is viewed as one of the prime leaders of his time. He gained an extensive following in the African American-Muslim community and his views were widely accepted. Though some of his methods were viewed as violent. Malcolm X was viewed as a threat to some. He was killed in New York Cite while addressing his Organization of Afro-American Unity by rival black Muslims. I bring attention to this detail here to who assisnated Malcolm X. It was not a white power, nor a hate group of the opposite race. It was the very own race he represented that turned against him. The position of power he held was negatively accepted by his own race. Ironically, crimes such as this are still a problem African Americans face in present times. Being oppressed, belittled, and killed by your own community is far more perilous to blacks, than the constant negative view the rest of the world has on

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