The Controversy Of Embryonic Stem Cells Essay

1002 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Embryonic stem cells are very controversial in the scientific community and as well as the medical community for many reasons. “Stem cells are cells that can be any cell that the human body needs to be”,(Rowlery, For example, a stem cell can be a skin cell, a liver cell and or a bone cell. The reason why embryonic stem cells are extremely controversies is because the cells come from human embryos. To obtain theses types of cells a mother need to have an abortion, and doctors and scientist have to harvest many embryos and or Fettes. But with embryonic stem cells you can help other people survive fatal injuries. This topic is a 2 ended blade, killing people to save people. The article that was written by Janet Rowley that had submitted to U.S. news said that embryonic stem cells are safe and harmless and “Does Too Much Good to be Evil” as stated the article. Although, there is some organizations like Green Garage that disagrees with this. They believe that embryonic stem cells are bad. Both articles have different facts and opinions but they share some similarity. U.S. news’ point of view on this controversial topic is very strange. They mostly talked about discoveries. Exhibit A, “Scientists have worked tirelessly to develop useful alternatives to these rare sources of embryonic stem cells. Through trial and error, they have developed a cocktail of genes that can transform adult human skin cells (from you and me) into cells closely resembling embryonic stem…

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