The Controversial Issues Of Capital Punishment Essay

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The Controversial issues of Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is a very controversial issue in the countries where it can be found with long standing application in countries such as the United States. If a variant analysis could be carried out, what are the reasons that would explain people’s view on death penalty having any deterrent effect or what is the moral nature of capital punishment? Various opinions have been put across to discuss these issues considering the cost – benefit analysis of its application. There is an expanding body of research that tried to get reasons as to why some people fully supports the death sentence, other people favor the penalty somehow while others totally feel it is completely wrong and unethical. The deterrent effect
Deterrence is that belief the government has that when it makes punishments harsher, the society will fear and thus the crime rate will reduce. People who support deterrence argue that life imprisonment is far better compared to the death punishment and thus are in support of the death penalty (Ellsworth 19). They argue out that the death penalty will reduce the rate of crimes since human beings are known to fear death more compared to spending the rest of their lives in prison. Human beings fear death especially the one pushed by orders from the law courts. Thus people who support deterrent prefer death penalty which is feared by…

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