The Controversial Debate Of Cloning Essay

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Reproductive Cloning
With constant new developments in science, society is forced to react and adapt. Along with these new developments, citizens are left questioning the ethics behind the experiment. Almost one hundred thirty years ago, society was introduced to the idea of cloning. It was not until the year nineteen ninety-six when the idea became reality and the first cloned mammal was born, Dolly the sheep. She set the grounds for the next cloned mammals to come. The process of cloning is a very tedious one that involves the transfer of one nucleus to a donor egg. In doing this, the egg has its nucleus replaced with the transferred one in a process known as transplantation. The egg then gets a new growth instruction from the new nucleus and in return grows into what the transferred nucleus calls for. Since the successful cloning to produce Dolly, cloning has been a worldwide controversial topic mostly because it is misunderstood. Society views cloning as a negative advancement in science because it goes against nature and intrudes on beliefs. Cloning is an unethical process that would lead to widespread problems the more it progressed.
Cloning is a highly complex topic with many cell alterations and requires the exact genome sequencing to develop properly. The cloning of Dolly the sheep took two hundred seventy-seven tries to fully develop correctly. This experiment in itself shows the lack of reproducibility cloning has. Recent studies done by Dr. Dominko with the…

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