The Contributions Of Isaac Washington Essay

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Isaac Washington Isaac Washington is a junior African-American student at Jefferson Davis High School, a school known for its academic excellence. When Isaac was a freshman, he was among a group of African-American students that was transferred to Jefferson Davis High School due to a court order to desegregate the metropolitan schools. Because of the desegregation of Jefferson Davis High School, Isaac’s pre-dominantly black school was shut and the students were bused long distances and spread out among the district’s white schools. Consequently, Isaac’s classmates have little connection with the school’s past and present; as they cannot participate extra-curricular activities due to the distance from their homes and the need to ride the bus home.
Therefore, many of Isaac’s peers are struggling academically or have already dropped out of school. However, Isaac is doing well academic but his experience at Jefferson Davis High School is less than enjoyable and he consistently targeted and bullied as the only African-American student in most of his classes. Examining Individual Differences Isaac has continued to achieve academic success, contrary to his African-American peers, because his preferred learning styles is to work independently. As one of only a few African-American students in his courses, Isaac has withdrawn from the masses and works autonomously. Isaac struggles to work well with others and makes little to no attempt to interact outside of class with his…

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