The Contributions Of Edward Yourdon Essay

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Edward Yourdon, born in 1944, has made extensive contributions to the software engineering industry throughout his lifetime. After attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics in 1965, Yourdon went on to begin his career in computing (O 'Regan). He began work as a programmer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). From the 1960s to 1990s, DEC was a leading vendor of computer systems. Under their direction, Yourdon managed to develop the “FORTRAN Maths library for the PDP-5 computer” as well as write “an assembler for the PDP-8 computer” (O 'Regan). These accomplishments led Yourdon to make many more advances in software development. General Electric hired Yourdon as a project manager to work on new software engineering methodologies.
In 1974, Yourdon’s experience with DEC and GE inspired him to start his own consulting firm, Yourdon Inc. He wanted it to be a place that provided educational, publishing, and consulting services in software engineering technology. Prior to the start of Yourdon’s company, most programming was done in Fortran. There was little guidance on “good” design and programming techniques and nothing was universally agreed upon. However, as systems grew larger and more complex, development and maintenance of these systems grew increasingly difficult. As a result, structured analysis was created to manage these large software systems and provide some order to the overwhelming amount of data.…

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