The Contribution Of The Social Pyramid Essay

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The importance of the social pyramid was so everybody could understand and do their part, so their country could prosper, and not collapse like Rome’s. The social pyramid was as follow: pharaoh, officials, priests, scribes, artisans, and lastly, peasants and farmers. It was important that everybody did their job, so they uphold their empire. The Egyptian’s genius was shown in the house’s design, which were made to stay cool, built with thick walls and small windows at the top to keep out the sand. In their one of a kind home, furniture was rarely built with wood, as it was scarce in Egypt. Instead, they used the papyrus plant, which set them apart from other cultures. The style of furniture was simple, but a certain elegance. Of course, the rich’s homes had furniture that was carved with elaborate designs, as they could afford it. Houses usually had only one bed, because the residents usually slept on mats, so you could move them to the roof, in case it was too hot in the house.
Everybody’s diet was varied, even the poor’s, which included vegetables, fish, and papyrus roots as the bare minimum. The Egyptian’s main staple was bread. They had more than 40 varieties of bread and pastries, and rarely ate meat and dairy products. Cattle needed large fields of grass, and the fields took up valuable soil. They, surprisingly, never used sea salt or pork, as it held a connection to the god of evil, Set. Everyone drank beer, even kids, as the water probably got contaminated easily.…

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