Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Han China

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Introduction: While Ancient Egypt along with Han China developed independently, both shared structural similarities and differences in which their economy developed. While Ancient Egypt paid taxes in the amount of crops, Han China paid taxes directly through cash. As for their manufacturing and trading abilities, both created beautiful products and goods, allowing various goods to be traded among the two civilizations.

1) Sources of wealth:
• The ruling class in Ancient Egypt (kings, nobles and priests) managed its own landed estates which provided most of the wealth in Egypt (Textbook, page #19).
• Agriculture was another factor that created most of Ancient Egypt’s wealth, mainly because the largest number of people worked in the land (Textbook, page
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• Limiting the power and wealth of the noble families reflected that Han China lacked fairness of its people and tried to prevent the wealthy from getting to much power. (Textbook, page# 82).
• When Han China had years of poor harvests, farmers were incapable of paying their taxes and were forced to sell their land and become tenant farmers, which meant they had to pay rent up to half of the annual harvest (Textbook, page# 82).
• Ancient Egypt and Han China are similar because the largest number of people worked in the land which gave suggestion that most poor peasants and farmers were considered the lower class and caused them to have much of the forced labor (Textbook, page# 19/82)
• Furthermore, Han China and Ancient Egypt were both to strong and powerful civilizations through their sources of wealth mainly through taxation. While Han China lowered their taxes that were imposed on the poor peasants and farmers, Ancient Egypt happened to be harsher on how taxes were collected. Moreover, Han China had difficulty in preventing the recurrence of economic

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