Essay on The Constitutionality Of The Federal Court System

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Our Federal Court system is primarily composed of three high power jurisdictions that operate much differently than that of the state courts. Federal Courts consist of federal district courts, United States courts of appeal, and the Supreme Court of the United States; however, these courts have limitations in cases that solely focus on the Constitution and federal law. Federal district courts are considered general trial courts that consist of over six hundred and seventy-five district court judges nationwide, and they have ranked the lowest courts out of the entire federal court system. United States courts of appeal, however, are ranked second in the system and are composed of six judges on the first circuit and can reach up to twenty-nine judges on the ninth circuit. The Supreme Court is the ultimate court in the system and is composed of nine justices, which are then sub-categorized as eight associates and one chief justice. Though these courts differ in function and procedure, they all share an equal role, which is to decide whether an individual committed an offense and what the penalty should be. Moreover, they also postulate subtle ways to resolve private quarrels that citizens can’t resolve themselves.
Each district court can conduct both civil and criminal cases, and in these cases, there is a U.S. attorney established as the prosecutor and a federal public defender that is designated to the defendant if he/she cannot afford a private attorney. There is a sum of…

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