Essay The Constitution Of The United States

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From the time the thirteen colonies were established, they had the same government from England which the colonist grew tired of. The only resolution for this would be to earn their independence and become its own country to succeed in the future of what is now the United States of America. The beginning for this was a war known as The French and Indian War and many acts passed by Parliament which angered the colonists to once and for all separate from the crown back home. Even if the war was won and independence was there’s to have freedom the path to it would take some take to have a strong national government that was nothing like the monarchy. The start of this new government would not be a quick and easy thing or something everyone would agree on but the writers of the U.S. Constitution knew what the people really needed to have a great nation. Since the Articles of Confederation were the first national constitution, it still was a weak system that America did not need or could rely on to make the country better the state representatives felt it was time to ratify the Articles. It was made up of a unicameral legislature, that did not allow people to vote for members of the national Congress so state legislatures decided who would represent states. There was not any president or executive office or national judiciary or Supreme Court. Although, most felt stronger allegiance to their states instead of their new country which is why most people did not see…

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