The Constitution Of The United States Essay examples

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Under the Articles of Confederation, written in 1777, the United States of America was in dire need of a strong centralized power and a more structured government. 55 delegates rallied to this need and started the Philadelphia Convention, where the motive was to form a better government that would meet the needs of its people. With this motive in mind, the Constitution of the United States was drafted, but there was still a long road till it was signed into law in 1788. In order to make the Constitution legitimate, it would need to be ratified by all 13 states. Combining all the needs of each colony was an intricate compromise, but it was these compromises that made it acceptable by so many. The genius of the Constitution is most found in the compromise involving representation and slavery because the compromise persuaded the southern states to ratify the constitution, it created a functional legislature, and it ultimately ended slavery in the US.
The most powerful compromise the constitution, and the one that highlights its brilliance most clearly is that of slavery and representation because it influenced the southern states to accept the Constitution. In the 18th century, Southern states consisted of 40% slaves. One of the largest arguments at the Convention was about representation, specifically about slaves. The Virginia Plan, proposed by James Madison, suggested that representation in Congress should be determined by population, which favored large states, like…

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