The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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The Constitution of the United States of America is Alive and Well
My Grandfather used to say, “Our government isn’t perfect, but it works for us.” He would say every time there was a scandal or election season. While the constitution of the United States of America contains antiquated language, it still holds as relevant today as it did when it was drafted; likewise, the constitution does still meet the demands of today’s society because it is a “living document”.
Many argue that because the constitution was written in the time before the emancipation and women’s suffrage, that it is no longer applicable in today’s modern society. To have this belief is certainly misconstrued. Unlike most documents that are written for political reasons, the constitution was written to be a “living document”. In the constitution it provides the scope of power for the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch), Congress (Legislative Branch), and the Presidency (Executive Branch). Additionally, in Article V it presents how an amendment can be made to the constitution.
One of the important roles of the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution. The Supreme Court has always been the guiding compass for our country when we reach a specific political crossroads. It can be seen throughout the history of our country where our laws were interpreted to be lawful, and others un-lawful. A famous case that the Supreme Court was, Plessy v. Ferguson which ruled that “equal but separate” was an acceptable…

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