The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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Every successful nation needs an intricate and influential criteria to run the nation off of. The Constitution of the United States of America, signed on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia affects every major aspect of how we run our nation today, more specifically article I. Article I of the constitution sets up the legislation or law making of the United States government, called congress. Congress is one of the most significant parts in our government system still today. Without article I of the constitution, many of our laws would not be in order to give us the freedom we have today. Article I of the constitution has a rich history based off of Christian ideals, and a significant impact on the laws of congress, the house of representatives and the senate, the law making process and the three legislative branches. Even though The United States constitution was written in the 18th century it is still the basis of how we run out nation today, and without it America would be a much different place. Article I of the United States significantly impacted how our founding fathers made America the abundant prosperous nation that it is today.
Article I of the constitution is composed of ten different sections. Each section has its own unique purpose for how the United States government can run efficiently. Article I states that there is three different branches of the government, judicial, executive and legislative, no branch is able to interfere with the duties of another’s…

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