The Constitution Of The United States Constitution Essay

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The U.S Constitution, written in 1787 for an agricultural society now guides the political life of a massive urban society.(The Challenges of Democracy, 2014) This document was written by mass group of people seeking to revolute from British rules. This in turn is how Egypt came about independence from Britain in 1922. Just as the United States sought to start a new government free from British rules Egypt declared their independence by forming a constitution. (Egypt, 2014) This history of Egypt dates back to 4000 B.C., and is one of the earliest administrative and legislative codes in history. The constitution of Egypt has long evolved from liberal constitution of 1923 to the contemporary constitution. (History of the Egyptian Constitution, 2015) How does a person sell a constitution similar to the United States Constitution to country like Egypt? What differences or obstacles might Egypt encounter that was not confront at the time the U.S. Constitution was written? What did the framers for the US Constitution not expect to encounter in 18th century that Egypt might have faced in their constitution? How does technology play in expanding the way the constitution is seen that the forefathers did encounter like face to face versus internet? Would it be easier or difficult to sell the constitution today to Egypt?
Sell the Constitution to Egypt
Egypt’s constitution is similar to our constitution. They are both republic. They both sought freedom from Britain. Both…

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