The Constitution Of 1787 : A True Revolution Essay

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The Constitution of 1787 represented a true revolution in government. It guaranteed certain basic rights for citizens. It also established fundamental laws in the national government. America was in need of a reformed government. Several events led up to the Constitution of 1787. These events include the ratification of the Articles of Confederation, Treaty of Paris, Land Ordinance of 1785, Shays Rebellion, etc. The Constitution of 1787 paved the way for the strong government we have today.
After the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation was adopted and ratified in order to provide structure for the government. The 13 states disagreed on western land boundaries. This proved to show that in order for there to be a strong government, the states had to be unionized. There were too many holes in the Articles of Confederation. Issues of representation, sovereignty, and taxation were the main topics of discussion amongst the states and congress.
The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation eventually boiled over into a conflict called Shay’s Rebellion. Shay’s Rebellion provoked an odd mixture of fear and hope that the government under the Articles of Confederation was losing its grip on power (Roark et al. 206). Farmers in western Massachusetts we angry about the taxation policies. This rebellion showed that civil disorder was just as significant as foreign threats. Either the Articles of Confederation had to be modified or a new document needed to be…

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