The Constant Demand For Innovation Essay

1047 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
The constant demand for innovation in our American society calls for independence and knowledge. Ayn Rand creates a world that values collectivism, control, and obedience in Anthem. The novel Anthem summarizes Rand’s philosophy on human nature. Although the society in Anthem satirizes the communist government Rand had lived in, today’s society is antithetical to this dystopian world. Ayn Rand wrote Anthem as a satire to the rise of communism and fascism in her time, and thus the government of Equality 's world is a totalitarian tyranny. In contrast to Equality’s government, the United States of America is a democracy in which citizens have greater power over their leaders. Members of the society in Anthem have no control on any aspect of their life. Citizens are separated from their families, forced to learn in the Home of Scholars, and are then assigned a job. The world leaders have brainwashed their citizens to be mindless victims of a fascist government. In my society leaders depend on the votes and opinions of citizens to make their decisions. Today’s world thrives off the powers of every individual and free will. Every individual has the right to do as he/she wishes and can not be forced to do something he/she is unwilling to do. One of the central themes of this satirical novel revolves around the evils of collectivism. In a collective society, the needs of the majority are more important than individual needs. The world of Anthem practices extreme…

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