Vaccinating Argumentative Essay

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Is it safe, or a good decision to vaccinate your children? Many parents are asking this questions throughout North America. It is very important to consider the potential consequences of vaccinating or not vaccinating in pediatric care. This issue is very controversial, and both sides are viewed differently by different groups of people. (Downey 2009). If parents choose to vaccinate, they are protecting their children from potentially life-threatening diseases, they are protecting people who did not have the choice to be vaccinated, and it is providing the parents with some peace of mind that their children are safe while travelling, or just out in the general public. Children who receive vaccinations are protected from suffering some terrible …show more content…
They will have the peace of mind of knowing that their children are at least protected from some very awful and crippling illnesses. Downey (2009) states “Pediatric vaccines have dramatically reduced infectious disease and childhood mortality” (pg. 1). This statement is thoroughly examined through further study, and can be evidence of the success of vaccinations in children, which will provide parents who choose to vaccinate assurance of the safety they have given to their offspring. (Wilson, 2006). Knowing the benefits that are proven, as opposed to the negative affect which have been scientifically proven wrong, parents should consider the relief that vaccination can give to them. (Downey, 2009). It is also to consider the importance that health care providers place upon this issue, and how serious it is. Wilson (2006) states “When issues of safety and effective- ness relate to the health of children, the requirements for certainty of safety are heightened” (pg. 2). In knowing that these health care providers have a heightened sense of accuracy and safety in children, this should assure parents that their children are in good hands with these professionals. Parents that have vaccinated their children will have a heightened sense of the safety of their child, when in public places surrounded by potential threats and other ill people. (Wilson,

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