The Consequences Of The Globalization Process

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Globalization is a historical process where political, economic, social, cultural and technological fields integrate in the world, this leads to an improvement of global communication and unity between nations. In the past people of different cultures and countries were unable to communicate and have interaction with each other, but today everything has changed thanks to smartphone, instant messaging and the Internet, which all enable us to easily connect with each other. Around 45% of the world population has an internet connection today, but in 1995 it was less than 1% (internetlivestats, 2016). This explains how the increasing knowledge, opportunities, and technologies have made people able to be connected with each other opening doors to a global market. But the question remains, is the globalization process as negative as many citizens of the world think? This research was literature based and inspired by the documentary Globalization is good by Johan Norberg (2003). It will show all the reasons why the globalization process is positive and necessary in for the future of our world. …show more content…
This paper will show how the globalization process affects to the technological, economic and political fields and it will show why the globalization process is necessary for creating wealth, unity and for the future of a more connected

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