Depression In Teenagers Research Paper

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Depression is something that can affect not only adults but children as well age does not define a person’s personality. By this teenagers are often put down when they say they have depression due to the fact that society names who can and who cannot have depression.Teen
Depression is a huge conflict in society that is overlooked by many authority figures and parents.
With today’s technology and the power of social media it’s easy for people to be bullied and picked apart online. With the click of a button one can post hateful comments about a person criticizing everything from their appearance to the sound of their voice. While it may not seem like it at first, all this negativity can really take a toll on a person’s self­esteem and ultimately
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About two­thirds of teenagers will suffer from mental disorders, addiction to drugs/alcohol, and anxiety. As well as these teens are also susceptible to physical illness more often than other teens. “Depressed teens are more
Osuna 2 likely to have trouble at school, and in jobs, and to struggle with relationships” (Unknown 1).
Furthermore, in “Understanding Depression” there is more than one kind of depression a teenager can come down with. The different types of depression include the following Major
Depression, Dysthymia, and Bipolar Disorder. Major depression typically interferes with day­to­day functioning as well as the inability to feel pleasure and happiness. Kids/Teens feel depressed almost every day while it barely bothers other teenagers who are facing the same problem. Dysthymia symptoms include the same effects as major depression but linger longer than a year. Teens who are experiencing this may feel “down in the dumps” due to problems eating/sleeping and a low self esteem. Many teens who have this continue to go on to
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One way most parents try to treat and help their kids with depression once they 've realized it is something that should be taken seriously is therapy. Although therapy is recommended to those who exhibit signs of depression, it does not always help the person. For Instance, a teenager with depression may go into a therapy session, but may never share anything personal cause they do not feel like opening up to a complete stranger. Another problem with therapy is that not every family can afford it putting the depressed teen at a disadvantage of getting the help they need. Moreover, there is more than one to treat depression, but therapy is one of the most commonly used methods.
To begin with, another way depression is treated is through the use of antidepressants which can be gained through therapy. However, that is only if the depressed teen is actually getting the help they need which may be important to their mental health and physical health as well. Antidepressants help one who is depressed, not feel depressed and hopeless, but there can be drawbacks to these pills. For example, depressed teens may get addicted to these pills

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