Interdependence: Movie Analysis

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Those that are experiencing conflict are dependent upon each other, is referred to as Interdependence. Interdependence “means that the people involved in the conflict are in some type of a relationship together that requires them to rely on one another.” (Pg. 181 Ch 9. Sec. 1) Mr and Mrs. Incredible are involved with conflict throughout the entire film. From sneaking out and hiding from his wife to lying about losing his job and being a superhero behind her back. Being married they are both required to be a team and work together through life. They also have 3 children that need their mother and father to be supportive figures for them. When Mrs. goes to rescue Mr. from his holding cell but finds Mr. hugging Mirage, which only reinforces her suspicion that he may have found someone else although it ends quickly when Mr. says Mirage saved him from his captivity. The short lived dispute was also known as a private issue. A private issue is “an issue related to a relationship that can cause a content conflict.” (Pg. 183 Ch.9 Section 1). This type of content conflict relates to film as a marriage dispute is something usually kept within the family and not discussed in casual terms. Very little is …show more content…
“Equivocation is a type of ambiguity that involves choosing your words carefully to give a listener a false impression without actually lying.” (Pg. 77 Ch. 4 Sec. 2). Equivocation is a powerful communication technique due to people not all thinking the same and having different ideas and motivations. When Mirage tells Mr Incredible that she likes the idea of living in a volcano because they are powerful and she's attracted to powerful men, it leads Mr Incredible to believe she isn’t in the know anything other that what she’s told. Which is very ironic because she is second only to Syndrome (the villain) in terms of

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