The Consequences Of Health Violence: Mental Illness And Health Care

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“Some 15 million young people in the United states have a psychiatric or learning disorder..” (Rosenthal and Koplewicz 8) Mental illness is a very common thing that can be treated with the proper care. With so many people struggling from day to day our mental health awareness and help for mental disorders still seem to be lacking. People that do not have access to health care and help tend to be the ones left behind. Therefore, people’s illness can have consequences due to their illnesses getting out of their control. Violence is a problem in our world today with the mental illness and its lack of proper care being a contributing factor.
As many healthcare professionals that work in the mental health field, there experience the tragedies that
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This could lead to them having feelings of taking extreme measures to make themselves feel better most of the time resulting in violence. Mental illness in severe cases can lead to a person becoming violent. “Untreated mental illness regularly leads to feelings of helplessness and isolation and is more likely to result in both suicide and violence.”(Rosenthal and Koplewicz). On the other hand, people may disagree with the thought of people only becoming violent when they have a mental illness. “Studies show people with a mental illness have the same or lower likelihood of being violent as non-diagnosed people”(Renderman …show more content…
Many people could also say that not everyone with a mental illness will commit an act of violence. Someone could live their whole life with a mental illness and never do anything even remotely violent. Most people attribute this to said person having control of their illness and not letting it consume them. The signs that people could become violent ranges. “There were no clues that Dylan was violent but Sue Klebold missed subtle signs of Psychological deterioration”(Fillion 12). Many parents or family members don 't see the “signs” of someone becoming violent. Some may say that they are just in denial but the signs could also be hard to even notice. “There wasn 't any feeling that he or anyone else was in any kind of danger. If that had been the case, I would have been frantically trying to get him

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