The Consequences Of Childhood Obesity

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Child obesity is a major issue that needs to be cut down: therefore, society first needs to find the main issue that is causing it. One main way to show if a child is obese is by calculating their BMI; a healthy BMI for children is eighteen to twenty-four, and the point where they are considered obese is twenty-five to thirty. Francie Berg explains how to calculate a child’s BMI in her book, underage and overweight, “Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters then square the outcome”(Berg, 6). The internet site Lets Move states that, “1 out of every 3 children today are obese”(Let’s Move). Are the school’s nutritional guidelines truly helping the cut down on obesity? Should it be the parent’s or care takers job to keep their kids from …show more content…
It is the parent’s job to keep their kids on track through life and to help them not stray from the path. Patricia Anderson and Kristian Butcher wrote in Childhood Obesity; Trends and Potential Causes that, “The change in the home environment may explain the increase in consumption of both food away from home and of pre-prepared foods, as families value convenience more highly”( Anderson and Butcher 36). Children are like a sponge if their parent’s cusses they will cuss, if their parents eats right then they will eat right. The way children are raised will be the same way they raise their children. A great way to help kids is by getting up and playing with them, and by also showing them that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. Parents need to work together with their kids in helping them stay active in everything they do. Also, think of things the kids can do if they don’t have the luxury of going outside like, staying indoors and sitting on the couch listening to their children read to them with a healthy snack can also help their children’s minds grow strong and healthy. These children are the future of tomorrow, they will be the people that raise the next generation and the next. Together as a nation or as parents need to stop this trend and help these kids live a happy and healthier life. With this said, why is it so hard for parents to get their kids

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