The Consequences Of Bad Advertising Essay

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Consequences of Bad Advertising
Sometimes advertising is used to pump up businesses capabilities and consumer’s expectations. Expectations can be carelessly overblown, and lead to disappointment and a loss of trust. When an organization fails to follow through with promises, customers, and employees are more likely to question the truthfulness of all the organization 's current and future messages. Regaining trust can be difficult and time-consuming.
Brand association refers to the deep-seeded attitudes and feelings a customer has toward a product or company. When brand association is negative, negative attitudes are more likely to come into a consumer 's mind before positive ones. Bad advertising can contribute to negative brand association, which can in turn reduce sales over time. Changing attitudes and brand associations can take a great deal of time and can also be costly, as a company might be forced to invest in additional advertising and campaigns to correct negative attitudes.
Bad advertising negatively affects sales. It can damage the long-term success of the established business. Product accessibility can also decrease with bad advertising, and potential consumers might have fewer opportunities to purchase products. When buyers and business owners have negative opinions, their choices ultimately affect their customer’s options
More than one-third of Americans will not purchase a brand because of distasteful advertising according to a new Adweek Media/Harris…

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