Divorce Essay Effect

Divorce is something that doesn’t discriminate by race, religion, or sex. Divorce can follow any relationship in two people’s lives. But why does it seem like we focus more on the adults and never on the children? The consequences a divorce may have on a family aside from who gets what and how much is how it affects kids and what they feel and go through. What about their focus on school or any other social event going on in their lives? How can we help kids who have divorced parents do well in school, as well as maintain healthy and successful lives, relationships and marriages? The problem is that we as a society rarely focus on the consequences of a divorce on the children and how emotionally distressed they may get because of the divorce. …show more content…
When it comes to the education of the young children, parents alerting the teacher about the divorce will allow the teacher to keep an eye on the child. If there are any signs of depression, lack of social skills with their classmates, or even the lack of concentration in class, it’s good to let the parents know. This allows communication and understanding between the kids, the parents, and their teachers. The same method may also work with older children but in different ways. A parent should always make sure they talk with their kids and communicate with them especially in divorce situations in order to maintain a healthy and understanding bond between both the parents and the kids. You may not be able to fully protect your children from the pain of divorce, and you probably shouldn 't try. “Children are entitled to their feelings. Children need to be allowed to grieve’ …show more content…
Children need acceptance to remind them that they are important in the family and that their opinion does matter! They should be reminded that they are a priority in the family regardless of the divorce. Providing structure and stability is a way. To make children know that they will always come first. After a divorce, many people want their children to be successful in life and not let this devastating situation ruin their life. If adults work to make co-parenting a success, they will find that the outcome is more positive for them and their children. “In both subtle and blatant ways, adults tend to put their children in the middle by forcing them to listen to their complaints and/or negative opinions” (Tiller). Children may feel multiple emotions when dealing with that. Sharing your children’s achievements is a joyful part of parenting, and some kids often want to share these things with both parents at the same time. Therefore, parents should be able to compromise for the sake of their child. This will make the children have positive, outcomes rather than them suffering.

In conclusion, the best thing a family can do in a case of divorce is to always remember that their children come first! A healthy bond between parent and child is always necessary no matter the gender or age. Making sure that the stigma of divorce does not affect the way they

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