The Connection Between Students And Preferred Learning Style Essay

783 Words Oct 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Name: Zainab Moriba
Institution: Grand Canyon University

This paper explores the connection between students and preferred learning style. A constructivist perspective of student learning can be described as a progression of internalizing or building the knowledge presented by interactions with the instructor and other students (Dunn et al., 1995). Students these days have very busy lives and are always looking for study methods. There are tons of different study methods in use this day, one of the most popular is the Visual, aural /auditory, read/write and kinesthetic (VARK). According to this learning style, the focus is on the four different groups of learners, and they are listed in the acronym VARK. Having fallen in the auditory and kinesthetic learning style, this is a multimodal learner. According to VARK the auditory learner is able to retain information best by listening to music when studying, recording notes and play back during a study, Podcasts also works great for these learners. Kinesthetic learners, best absorb information by a hands-on method, doing stuff, fixing things, kinesthetic learners don 't do well with textbooks, preferably they try to figure stuff out and keep it moving. The multimodal learner tends to adopt according to the scenario. These learners do not have mastery over just one style instead they more are flexible. There is some correlation of learning style and academic performance. When…

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