The Conflict Of The Middle East Essay

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Even though the middle east has overcame western domination over the past centuries, one can beyond doubt see the political instability that plagues the middle east, and this political irregularity will cause increasing international turmoil. The Middle East is in a very fragile state that one big incident can cause it to shatter like a tray of glasses being bumbed. When this happens it could possible take the rest of the world with it. This political instability all happened because of the sunni and shia split that happen so long ago. This conflict has created many terrorist organizations that disturb the peace and stability of the middle eastern politics. These terrorist groups have caused many countries in the Middle East to have unstable governments with disastrous economies, from trying to accomplish their goals
The Sunni and shia split has been the beginning and the continuation of the political instability in the middle East. “This conflict began in the year 632 when the prophet mohammed died he was the leader or Caliph of the islamic empire. The shia a small group of muslims wanted Ali who was the son in law of mohammed to be Caliph. The sunni a bigger group of muslims wanted the elites to vote for a new caliph.” (“The Origins”). This matter of succession that happened almost a millennium ago has caused the biggest political division the world has ever seen. The division has come with major negative results especially in modern times. “The modern tension have…

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