The Conflict Developing Of The Company 's Manager Essays

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The conflict developing in this case is that on June 7, John Schmidt, an employee of the company, has been severely injured on his hand when pushing a large piece of wood through a table saw in the production shop. Therefore, John claims that he followed the procedures when working, and the company is legible for his injuries. According to him, the machine had no guarantee of keeping the employee safe when working. As for the company’s manager, David Donald, he tends to claim that the machine was in a safe condition since he was not informed by the shop foreman, Harry Hiller claims that the machine was in need of fixing. On the other hand, Harry Hiller asserts that the machine was in a perfect condition and could produce the written records. Harry continues arguing that he saw the employee joking, laughing and goofing around with a co-worker. On the other hand, a colleague to the injured employee raise claims that despite regular maintenance of the table, it wasn’t safe since the safety guard was poorly designed and didn’t function proficiently. He further claims that he forwarded his concerns to the foreman about his concerns on the issue of security, but he didn’t take vital steps. Hence, when a health and safety report was done, it showed that the safeguard was poorly designed to protect operators in such circumstance. In bit of trying to analyse the case it is important to substantially note the conditions which contribute to John claiming that the company should be…

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