The Conflict Between The Middle East And North Africa Essay

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Valentine M. Moghadam says ‘[t]he rise of Islamist movements in the Middle East has reinforced stereotypes about the region, in particular the idea that Islam is ubiquitous in the culture and politics of the region, that tradition is tenacious, that the clergy have the highest authority, and that women’s status is everywhere low,” when taking about the limitations scholars put on themselves when looking at the Middle East, but she extrapolates this sentiment later to encompass Middle East and North African states (MENA), as these states have large Muslim majority populations (Moghadam 2003). A large part of Moghadam’s argument is based around the fact that scholarship, especially Western scholarship, largely generalizes these MENA Muslim majority states, yet Moghadam’s argument can, and should be extrapolated to other Muslims majority states. Especially since Islamophobia knows no physical borders and the largest Muslim populations centers exist outside of the Middle East and North Africa. One can look at Indonesia with its approximate two hundred three million Muslims, the seventy-four million Bangladeshi Muslims, or, as I will the approximate, ten-million Malay Muslims to see a complex Muslim majority state (Miller 2009). Malaysia is a complex moderate state. It is considered to practice “Moderate Islam” with a secular democratic constitution, but that same constitution says that all Malays are Muslims (Nagata 1994), yet six million Malays are not Muslim (Miller 2009).…

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