The Concept Of Sustainable Development Essay

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The concept of Sustainable development explores the relationship among economic development, environmental quality, and social equity (Rogers, Jalal & Boyd, 2005). The terms of Sustainable development has been evolving since 1972, when the first international community determined the correlation between quality of life and environmental quality at the “United Nations Conference on the Human Environment” in Stockholm. Gladwin et al. (1995) had stated that it was hardly possible to require a suitable definition of Sustainable development that fits every side of study and it is too board that it means everything. They also foresaw that “the notion of sustainable development will remain fuzzy, elusive, contestable, and/or ideologically controversial for some time to come” (Gladwin et al., 1995). However, in the global policy landscape, the concept of Sustainable development has been preliminarily sketched when the “Brundtland Report” (Brundtland, 1987) in the “United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development” (WCED) in 1987 stated “the accelerating deterioration of the human environment and natural resources and the consequences of that deterioration for economic and social development”. Therefore, a multitude of advanced political systems started to indicate the needs to address sustainable development issues across policy sectors to bolster environmental factors in decision making (Jordan & Lenschow, 2008). Furthermore, the “Earth Summit” in 1992 and, more…

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