Essay on The Concept Of Justice Throughout The Bible

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The Concept to Justice Throughout the Bible The concept of Justice is theme that is found throughout the Bible and is interchangeable with the notion of righteousness. It has very different roots that what it is taken for today. Today the concept of justice is typically applied to seeking to right a wrong someone has done to you, like in court or with matters of the law. In the Bible, justice is linked to God and is usually a favorable thing. In this essay I will show how the concept of justice and righteousness has evolved and changed from the old testament to the new. I will use examples such as Job and his struggles with justice. I will then show the heightened sense of justice in the new testament, especially in the end times, at the finally judgment, and how they have changed and evolved with the development of the concept as a whole. In the old testament the concept of justice was used in the terms of God. He was a just God, and that was a blessing to his people. Justice was about “restoration, redistribution, and providing the right” (Balentine, 2014). God was seen as the ultimate in providing justice to his people. He set the laws of the land so that the people were right with one another, and if there was dispute, there was restoration from God for the loss. Justice was interchangeable with righteousness in the old testament. When someone was righteous they were also just in nature, like God. These were quality that were expected in the leaders of their nation,…

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