The Composition Of Copper And Copper Essay

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The Composition of Copper
Copper is an element that many people have either felt or seen without realizing it. Pennies, for example, are made of copper. Certain pipes, contraceptives, and wires are other ways copper is used in our daily lives. It 's a great conductor of electricity, antibacterial, and corrosion resistant. However, this raises the question: what exactly are the properties of copper that give it its properties?

An element is a chemical substance in its simplest form. An atom is the basic unit of a chemical element. An atom consists of particles such as electrons, protons, and neutrons. The protons and neutrons of the atom make up its center, called the nucleus, and its electrons surround the nucleus from a certain distance. Electrons are negatively charged, protons are positively charged, and neutrons do not have a charge. The majority of an atom 's mass is contained within the nucleus, consisting of the neutrons and protons. Because an electron 's mass is so small, it 's almost negligible.

The atomic number of copper is 29. This implies many things. The atomic number of an element indicates how many electrons and protons there are. The number of electrons should always be the same of protons because their charges cancel and the overall charge of the atom is neutral, and so the number of protons and electrons of copper is 29. There are 29 electrons surrounding the nucleus, organized in orbitals. There are 29 protons in the nucleus, however the number of…

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