The Complex And Complicated Relationship Between Two Nations Essay examples

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The Complex and Complicated Relationship between Two Nations
To understand Imperialism, history must only look to the suffering many generations endured. For hundreds of years, Europeans marched across the world conquering and forcefully colonizing. Imperialism is depicted through people suffering under brutal rule by Europeans. For example, the Belgian monarch, King Leopold II, sadistically maimed children for minor offenses such as taking a break from hard labor. Countless other regions, including the Congo, Nigeria, the Americas, and India, were conquered and torn apart by destructive imperializers. Despite much cruelty by the imperializers, ultimately the imperialized often reaped some benefits, leaving their relationship extremely complex. Kamala Markandaya’s novel Nectar in a Sieve is a painting of the hardships the imperialized had to face on a daily basis in India. In the novel, the protagonist, Rukmani, suffers the consequences of imperialism and has to adapt to a variety of changes in her relationships and life. When a tannery arrives in her village, Rukmani has to make significant adaptations. While making these changes, Rukmani encounters a doctor, Kenny, who helps her adapt but also hinders her growth. Rukmani and her friend, Kenny’s complicated relationship is a metaphor for Britain and India’s complex social, political, and economic imperialistic interdependency.
Kenny and Rukmani’s relationship mirrors the racial differences between the British and the…

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