The Role Of European Imperialism In Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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European imperialism can be defined as Europe 's attempt to extend its power throughout the world through colonization. Salih and Conrad present the spread of European imperialism and the role it played in the lives of those it affected. Both novels present two major characters who present the ideology of the societies they represent. These characters embody represent the aspects of the cultures that molded them for both good and bad.
Set in the dense heart of the Congo Joseph Conrad 's Heart of Darkness revolves around an essence of European imperialism masked by good intentions. Throughout the novel, Conrad presents the world through the eyes of a European who is able to see both sides, civilized and savage. The two main characters, Kurtz
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Heart of Darkness show Europeans wanting to change Africa in order for the company to benefit off of the native people and the manner of doing so is far from humane. They do so by going into Africa and becoming the ruling force trying to civilize and colonize the indigenous people. Season of Migration to the North, however, presents two African men who are both trying to take themselves away from European life and integrate into African society. In Heart of Darkness the Europeans view themselves as top of the line, clean cut, civilized beings and see the Africans as uncivilized savage beast who they can change for the better. While Marlow 's intentions in Africa are to explore and help bring the natives to civilized life that isn 't why the Europeans are in Africa. A major point that Conrad and Salih express in both there are always to sides to things. Early on in Heart of Darkness Marlow refers to the company as “white sepulture” referring to them as being hypocrites for what they do. This is because they say they wish to advance the African people they really just use them as profit. Not only do they use the African people but also their fellow Europeans in order to advance profits. Even Marlow is just seen by the company as just another expendable asset. As Marlow ventures deeper into the European occupation of Africa he begins to see that the line he once knew between civilized and savage may not be as black and white as he once assumed. This is because he is made witness not only to the cruelty that the company brings into Africa but also the devastating toll it takes on those who cannot bear the realization of what imperialism hides. Imperialism also promoted moderation in European colonies. Salih presents the double sided nature of this. For example, the usage of water pumps on the Nile. While they advance their owners in the end they just bring

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